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Consuming less and better : the promise of Vintage

For some years now, the second-hand market has the wind in its sails among consumers across all generations. In 2018, this market reached « a sales revenue 1 billion euros » (IFM). Within ten years, the second-hand market might even exceed the « fast fashion » market! Consumers are increasingly turning towards vintage style with top brands second-hand clothes. How then to explain this craze for second-hand clothes? What if vintage changed our way of consuming?

From Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion : a path towards an eco-responsible fashion

Today, we are witnessing a strong awareness from consumers around fashion and « fast fashion ». Indeed, the textile industry ranks as the second most pollutant industry with a significant environmental impact. An alarming fact to which consumers are now more and more informed and sensitive. The « slow fashion » movement opposes by definition to « fast fashion » which preaches overproduction and then overconsumption. As a first step, « Slow fashion » consists in denouncing clothing brands manufacturing processes. This consumption mode encourages consumers to adopt a new vision: a path towards an ethical, sustainable and responsible fashion. A real transmission principle falls within this movement. There is a notion of legacy which enables to extend the lifetime of clothing, a pair of shoes or a luxury handbag. With the aim of circular economy, a majority of consumers want to go back to basics and focus on a thoughtful consumption.


Consuming less, but better

Nowadays, we are consuming less but better. Quality over quantity, vintage clothes opposed to disposable fashion: « fast fashion ». A lot of consumers are then turning towards vintage style with top brands second-hand clothes. As Coco Chanel used to say, « fashion becomes out of date, style never ». Have you ever splurged on a Dior vintage handbag or a Chanel tweed jacket?

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