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Shopping in Auteuil :
L’Atelier 23/11

L’Atelier 23/11 mends, repairs, customises and breathes new life into used leather goods, offering the best of French hand-crafted artistry. The workshop is a family affair, the brainchild of a twin brother-sister duo with a passion for luxury leatherwork, and designer handbags especially.

Lorette & Jasmin, Paris 16ème’s must-go consignment store, highly recommends that you pay a visit to Virginie and Laurent, who will give you a warm welcome in their shop on the rue d’Auteuil. Feel free to admire their beautifully arranged pieces, including Virginie’s own collection of designer handbags.

Atelier 23/11
11 rue d’Auteuil
Métro Église d’Auteuil ou Michel-Ange Auteuil
06 59 32 06 34
Opening times: Tue-Fri from 08.00am to 07.00pm
Sat from 10.00am to 07.00pm

Dior exhibition
Dior exhibition Paris
Dior exhibition
Dior exhibition
Dior exhibition Paris