• style Caroline Lorette et Jasmin dépôt vente de luxe Paris 16e arrondissement


Inside Caroline’s closet

Caroline is not one to follow fashion rules to the letter. She gets inspiration (a lot) from them and sometimes (often, actually!) breaks the bank for one of Lorette’s designer pieces. Her secret is to mix elegant items with more casual details. Here’s our express interview with one of the boutique’s most loyal customers.

What is you go-to item from Lorette?
My Chanel Ultra rings

Your style?
Refined sportswear chic

Your favourite designer?
There’s plenty! Chanel, Moncler and Cucinelli

The most iconic piece in your outfit?
A 2.55 bag from Chanel

What’s in your purse?
My iPhone, my Navigo pass, lipstick and mints.

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