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Terms and Conditions

Lorette takes on consignment:

All your clothes, shoes and accessories of recent women’s fashion, in impeccable state of the season. The model must match the current trend.

For designers’ handbags (vintage model), preference is given to Famous Fashion Houses

You have the possibility of leaving your clothes at the shop in the morning and at the opening hours.

Depending on the volume of the deposit, Lorette can also come directly to your home.

Consignment Conditions

At the time of the deposit, you will be given a card summarizing the articles, their price of recovery as well as the deadline of the deposit. The items are on sale for a period of three months. You have a period of 15 calendar days to recover the unsold. Beyond this period, clothing and / or accessories will be donated to the association “Les Apprentis d’Auteuil”.

Cash payment

Lorette buys cash your handbags-accessories-jewelry of major brands: Chanel Vuitton etc.

Managing your deposits

To facilitate the management of your deposits and know your sold items, we invite you to contact us preferably by email.

Terms of payment

Once your items are sold, you can be settled at any time in cash or check. Our only request is to notify us 3 working days before the date of your visit by SMS or email.

Recovery of unsold

The recovery of the unsold items is possible every day of opening of the shop. We thank you to notify us by SMS or email, three business days before the date you will pick up your unsold items. If you do not have the opportunity to come before the deadline, just tell us, and your clothes will be put aside until you come. You can also send a third party with its identity card.

Management of unsaved unsold items

If you do not hear from us before the deposit deadline stipulated on your deposit slip, the clothes and / or accessories will be donated to charities.

Period of national sales

During the period of the national sales, winter and summer, the articles in shop are sold at -30% for the final customer (-30% price depositor, -30% Lorette & Jasmin) except new collection and big marks.

If you do not want to pay for your items, you have to pick up your stuff by warning us three business days before.